The replacement of peoples of European descent is real and well underway. It’s important for those who care to fully understand the situation.


The Media

It’s no secret that the mainstream media hates white people. Up until fairly recently they have been calling the great replacement a conspiracy theory, but now even they have to acknowledge the reality that demographics are irreversibly changing faster than at any point in history.


Not convinced? Here is CNN describing the situation. Here is the guardian. If you’d like a few more sources, you can check out these articles. Or perhaps we should have the UN weigh in on it.

Open Borders

It isn’t too difficult to fathom why most Democrats would support open borders. The vast majority of immigrants, both illegal and legal, vote Democrat for the social benefits as well as seeing the party as closer aligned with the goals of whichever non-white identity group they belong. It is critical to understand that non-white identity groups vote almost entirely as a tribe; for example, in the 2008 election, African-Americans voted 95% for Barack Obama. White people may believe they are living in a post-racial society, but it seems that none of the other races got that memo.


What is less obvious is that open borders are now largely a de facto, bipartisan agreement. Both Republicans and Democrats are motivated to do the bidding of whichever group financed them into office. However, Republican donors are typically more interested in protecting their bottom line as opposed to say, virtue signaling; and a good bottom line means keeping wages down, and having a steady supply of cheap labor at one’s disposal.

In the long run the Republicans (and their voters) are being sold the rope in which they will hang by importing millions of people, mostly military aged males, who will work for low wages, enrich Republican donors, and play a role in permanently securing the political power of the Democratic party.

Look no further than the Koch Brothers. Is it strange that one of, if not the biggest Republican donors is pushing for complete open borders? Take a look at the video above where Tucker Carlson gives a brief segment on the Koch Brothers and how they have played a major role in guiding the GOP to become a closeted open borders party.

Ethnic Hatred

There are those in this world that harbor a deep ethnic hatred of whites, though they themselves are not white, do not consider themselves white, or perhaps consider themselves more than white.


It is important to look to the past to see what the future may hold. Look no further than the Russian Revolution. Despite the name, the Russian Revolution was not carried out by ethnic Russians, but in just 50 or so years over 60 million white Russian Christians were killed. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn survived the massacres and lived to tell the tale and has written great works like The Gulag Archipelago and Two Hundred Years Together.

We too must ask ourselves difficult questions, like why the details of such atrocities are covered up by historians, media, politicians, etc.

A Global Minority

Whites are only a majority in certain countries across the world. From a global perspective, they are the minority. As birthrates in white countries continue to fall, and the birthrates in non-white countries, especially Africa, continue to boom, this will only become more true in the future.

Global Minority

The Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an organization that tracks what it considers to be “hate groups”, anywhere from the Proud Boys to Louis Farrakhan. Though as of late, it also has fallen under criticism for inspiring not only its own brand of hatred, but violence as well.

Declining European birth rates

Declining European birth rates

In a recent documentary, it was accidentally revealed that Mark Potok of the SPLC is actively tracking the decline of the non-hispanic white population of the US as well as various European countries. These images are the first thing he sees every day when arrives to work in order to remind himself what his priorities are, and what the purpose of his life is.

Declining US white population

Declining US white population

Is this normal behavior for an “American” institution, especially an institution that claims that worries of replacement are a conspiracy theory? Here is a video of Roosh V discussing how these images were revealed, and what the motivations of Mark, the SPLC, and their comrades truly are.

Climate Change

Nick Fuentes does an excellent job here of exposing the blatant double standard of the climate change agenda.

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